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to do List A 'to do list' is a list of things you want to do!

Coloured words to help you

If you move your mouse computer mouse - not the animal!so that the pointer the little arrow that moves when you move the mouse is over a blue word, you will see some extra information.
This is called 'hovering' over a word.
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hovering .

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Don't suffer feel pain in silencemake no noise!
Find out Learnhow you sound to native English speakers. You may be pleasantly surprised - foreign from another countryaccents the way words are pronounced are very attractivesexy! !


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Are you worried people cannot understand you?
Is your pronunciation a problem?

Pronunciation problems! Communication problems!

Talking at cross purposes Two people are having a conversation but they are not talking about the same thing. can be hilarious very funny and lead to some bizarre very odd, unusual conversations.

However, it isn't funny if your pronunciation lets you down does not help youwhen you are at work or when you are trying to impress someone look clever to someone.

Your first language has different sounds and rules to English and that sometimes makes it difficult to 'hear' English sounds correctly.

Identify Findyour pronunciation 'danger' zones with a personalised report from English In Bath. Included in With the report are practise exercises to help you improve your pronunciation and
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